a shipping management app 
for ServiceNow

ParcelGO adds delivery management capabilities to ServiceNow, enabling your organization to manage shipments natively within the ServiceNow platform. From pickup arrangement through up-to-date tracking information, and even delivery confirmation, ParcelGO facilitates a fully automated dispatch workflow for your business.

Faster deliveries, simple processing, reliable and smooth shipping experience, and much more – all in a single platform:


Choose optimal cost option for each consignment

Shipping service satisfaction

Increase the reliability and efficiency of your shipping operations

Empower employees

Enable every employee to directly order a courier service in one click


No need for long and complicated trainings or technical expertise to operate

Quick implementation

One-click installation, instant download from ServiceNow store, fully native to the ServiceNow platform

Great user experience

instant shipping directly from your ServiceNow instance


Effective usage of time and resources involved in the shipping process and administration

Control and transparency

Get precise up-to-date information on the status of any shipment

The easiest way to integrate fragmented shipping processes within a single platform, and automate the entire despatch workflow.

Powerful features, simple to use:

Manage Carriers

Manage Carriers
and Delivery services

Pick the optimal service tier, fastest or cheapest carrier from multiple options

Single Point of Service

Single Point of Service

Integrate all your shipping services into a single platform and under one control dashboard

Delivery Performance Reporting

Delivery Performance Reporting

Optimize your shipping services using detailed insights on every step of the process

All in One Dashboard

All in One Dashboard

Estimate delivery, track shipping, get status notifications and delivery confirmation in the same dashboard

Generate Shipping Labels

Generate Shipping 

Quickly create and print parcel delivery labels from multiple carriers using just one system

Ready for citizen development

Ready for citizen development

Easy integration to existing processes

Use Cases

Shipping assets internally

  • Ordering office supplies for remote offices
  • Manage Asset Lifecycle
  • Sending laptops for repair
  • Loaner devices and returns
  • Consumables to offices – keyboards, chargers
  • Onboarding of new colleagues – ship hardware from your warehouse
  • Great employee benefit

Field services

  • Problem management
  • Repair or replacement parts

Physical documents

  • Ship documents to another party B2B or B2C sales
  • Selling pre-configured laptops

Automated stock
control and inventory

  • Restock process automated end-to-end

How it Works


Quick and smooth Guided Installation from the ServiceNow App store for full operation within 7 minutes. 


Enjoy a range of Flow Designer Action packages to create or enhance basic processes or even complex operations

Courier Services

Major Courier Integration services from out of the box and additional services available on demand 

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how it works 2
how it works 3

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Jana Zobalová
Sales Manager at GuideVision - an Infosys company 


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